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Students MUST meet the following requirements in the applicable course of study to qualify for graduation and be issued a Diploma:

  • Successful completion of all phases of study; required tests, including the Avalon final, practical skills assignments and hours requirements for the course.
  • Completion of the Course of Study as required by the State regulatory agency.
  • All debts, including over contract fees must be paid in full or satisfactory arrangements made for all debts owed to the institution.

A graduate will be eligible to participate in the next scheduled Onsite State Board Testing once they have met the graduation requirements and their ledger balance has been paid in full, including over contract fees.  Once the Onsite State Board Testing exam has been completed and passed, the student will receive their Course Completion Certificate required for licensure.

Exit interviews are performed and students are asked to complete exit paperwork.

Official transcripts will be issued to graduates if any of the following apply:

  • The student has paid ledger in full and completed graduation requirements.
  • The student owes less than $250.
  • The student has entered into and is in compliance (6 consecutive on-time payments) with a payment plan with the school.
  • The transcript request is made by a prospective employer for the student.
  • The institution has sent the debt for repayment to a collection agency.

First copy of Transcript is provided free, requests for duplicate transcripts will have a $15 fee.


Any person is eligible to receive a license as a cosmetologist or nail technician if they have completed the required clock hours in an approved applicable course; has paid the required fees; and has passed the examinations required by the Board to determine their fitness to receive a license.

Students MUST meet the following requirements in order to qualify for licensure:

  • Meet all Graduation Requirements
  • Satisfy all outstanding debts owed to Avalon School of Cosmetology
  • Receive the required Course of Completion Certificate
  • Complete and pass applicable state Board required exams

Once all licensure requirements have been met, the student can pay the required fees and file an application for licensure to the Minnesota Board of Cosmetology. Upon obtaining a valid license, the graduate may engage in his or her chosen field for compensation.

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