CARES Financial Aid Grant Policy

It is the intention of Avalon School of Cosmetology to disburse the CARE grant emergency funds to students in a fair and equitable manner as widely and quickly as possible. 

Avalon will disburse emergency funds, in the amount of $300, to each Title IV eligible student that is actively enrolled into a Title IV eligible program as of March 17th, within 48 hours of receipt of funds.  The students were notified by letter and/or email that these funds were being disbursed.
All eligible students will be notified by letter and/or email that there are additional funds available to apply for.  The students will be provided with an Income/Expense Comparison Application Form to complete if they wish to apply for additional funds.  The minimum funds disbursed will be $300 per month and/or $2500 maximum.
The 2nd emergency fund disbursement will be made after two full weeks of Distance Education has been completed.  The requirements for student disbursement, in addition to those stated in the Funding Certification and Agreement, would be those students who apply using the Income/Expense comparison Application Form and have averaged 75% attendance and GPA during the prior 2 weeks (May 4th-May 15th) of Distance Education.  This 2nd disbursement will be made on or around Monday, May 18th.

If a student did not qualify on May 18th because of the 75% attendance and/or GPA requirement, their attendance and GPA will be reviewed biweekly until they meet the requirement or funds have been exhausted.

Any remaining funds will be disbursed on July 3rd to those students who previously completed an Income/Expense Comparison Application Form and are meeting the 75% Attendance and GPA requirement based on accumulative hours from May 4th thru June 30th.

HEERF Quarterly Budget and Expenditure Public Posting

--  09/30/2020 Quarterly Report  --

--  09/30/2020 Updated Quarterly Report  --

--  12/31/2020 Quarterly Report  --

--  12/31/2020 Updated One Quarterly Report  --

--  12/31/2020 Updated Two Quarterly Report  --

--  03/31/2021 Quarterly Report  --

Student Notification Letter (pdf format)

Student Grant Application - Income Expense Comparison Form (excel format)

30-Day Fund Report (word format)

30 Day Fund Report Online Posting HEERF II FINAL (word format)

Financial Aid Grant Policy (word format)

Letter to Students Extension (word format)

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